1972 Champion!


A 'mobile home' is one built after 1976- when the HUD code went into place...


Now, see this thing? Thats a mobile home! : ) 1978 Cavco!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Can't stop moving!

The blogging is paying off! I notice the crawling going on and I love it! Thank you! Now that we have 10 blogs about mobile homes in Arizona, Black Hawk Homes is sure to rise to the top! I wonder if I can... nevermind. Uh, well I had a gig last night and I'm tired. I wish I had a bed inside of a mobile home, so I could just go to sleep. Right now, I can't stop moving or I'll just be dead. Thank you and have a great day in your mobile home in Arizona!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

speeding bullet

Faster than a car, a train, a speeding bullet its.......... me blogging! Freakin' fast these days, man. I have a method of doing this that has allowed me to not have to worry about this or any other mobile home blog. Yes, it is done. If I could just drive it home on the web site it will all be worth while. Its a long way from a mobile home blog. Its a real web site! This aint no baby type deal either. This is for real men, not babies. Oh yeah, I should've did the baby reference on the other one with the picture of baby gato. Mobile home blogs or not, that would have been a smart thing to do, dang.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stop taking off the link!

I'm getting mad at google because they keep removing the link. Dudes, I'm trying to do something with our web site, man. I want to say mobile home blog, or other things like that here to drive google ranking up. Do you understand that selling mobile homes is my bread & butter, so don't keep removing the links from these blogs. They are real, they are viable. Its important ok, ok. Thank you very much have an arizona mobile home on me, pal.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Thats right, still motoring along. Never blogged faster. Feels good because I started to really bog down. I find if I just stream consciousness, it works better. For instance, right now I'm pretty much filling it in brain-wise before I write mobile home. Again, I'll just fill the words out in my brain and fingers will follow in short order, then I can stumble into the words mobile home again. Lastly, I will sum up the whole thing by saying nothing at all and then just go into that last key phrase again one more time- mobile homes

Saturday, April 5, 2008


I will set the record for fastest blogging ever! I will not attempt anything other than to say mobile home in my blog. I do not want to have it in a car, I do not want them in a bar, I do not want mobile homes here or there, I do not want them anywhere. I do not like green eggs and ham and I don't like mobile home blogs either. bye

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My kids are the best

Just for the record, I have the best kids in the world. My 3 sons are awesome! They aren't perfect, and they do piss me off on an almost daily basis. But hey, they're kids (13, 11, 11 years) Fun years ahead too. Oh my. My oldest... hold on... mobile home blog of Arizona right here!

My oldest son is 13, and he definitely acts like it. Thinking back, I wonder if I acted so ignorantly? Yeah, I believe I did, or perhaps moreso. I would never think of buying a mobile home, thats for sure! Now, I still won't think of buying a mobile home. Are you kidding?! Ha Ha- I'm kidding too! Sure, I'll buy one, maybe 2 what the hell!?

Monday, March 31, 2008

Red-headed child

Sawyer is one of two of my red-headed genetic mutations! I still can't figure out how he got red hair... Don't even go there- I had a blood test done, trust me. Anyway, he was enjoying looking over my shoulder as I blogged, so rather than be distracted (which I was), I just sort of started a chat with him. It provided me with some relief from the blogs, actually. Still, I have to remember to thow in a mobile home here and there. Just like I always do, I start to get carried away talking about something else and forget to write mobile home. Well, not this time- I'm on a mission to be done with this immediately. Go buy a mobile home from Black Hawk Homes, man.

List of oldest mobile homes I've sold

  • 1963 Buddy
  • 1967 Marlette
  • 1966 Golden West
  • 1968 Viking
  • 1971 Skyline

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